Messing around with Replichrome presets.



50mm 1.4 lens + kids = magic.

High Park in Winter

Challenges:  It was cold, even though it was 10 degrees warmer than it has been for the last two weeks.  It was an icy nightmare of slipping hazards and wipe-out zones.  There were four – count them, four – kids to track.  Saving Graces:  The kids were absolutely amazing.  The parents were so sweet that I kind of wanted to just hang out with them all day.  The lighting was beautiful and there was just a hint of gently drifting snow.

Knitted Hats

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is one of my favourite places to take my kids.  It would make for some pretty cool family shoots, particularly in the summer with the big hangar doors open.


Backyard Assignment

I’ve been far too sick this week to want to go out anywhere to practice, so I imposed an assignment on myself: my f1.8 50mm lens and my sub-500 square foot, fully-paved backyard.  I love overcast light and what my 60D does with it.

Three Absolutely Unrelated Pictures

I just happened to edit these on the same day.